Owning a bike and finding a good, safe protected space to store it is a major concern

The Premier Indoor Vertical Bike Rack by My Bike Stand

A good bike rack is vital when it comes to the safe keep of your bike. The new indoor vertical bike stand by My Bike Stand is one of the top rated floor bike rack that blends seamlessly in you home, regardless of the area or space


What To Consider When Choosing An Indoor Bike Rack

An indoor vertical bike rack has come in handy to so many bicycle owners replacing the traditional ways of leaning your bike on you walls to stylishly, safely and securely mounting them on an independent floor bike rack.

A floor bike rack saves and conserves precious and limited space in your home or office. When selecting a stationary bike stand here are some important things to consider.




It is important to carefully assess the space in your home or office to ascertain what is the best bike stand for your needs. The vertical bike floor standing rack does not require any screwing into walls or other house/office fixtures.

This works particularly well if you are renting or do not want to damage existing walls or fixtures.



The best upright bike stand is designed to minimally consume space while accomodating your bike securely and safely.

If managing your space is a priority (ie you live in an apartment or have a small office space), it is important to take ito consideration the size of the bike rack itself as some of the stationary bike stands for sale on the market are super large and bulky just by themselves.

If you want to het the best of your bike rack while using the minutest amount of space, you should consider the My Bike Stand premier bike stand floor model.



Always the the best way to shop for a vertical bike rack online is to stick within your budget. Do not go breaking the bank because of items you can not afford at the time.

With that said … it is important to avoid the super cheap bike stands on the market as paying a little extra for a more sturdy bike stand will ensure years of use and safety when storing your bike.

best upright bike rack

Why You Should Invest In An Apartment Bike Stand 

bike rack for garage


An apartment bike rack will save you more space by freeing yo the ground space your bike would normally occupy


Instead of leaving the fate of your bike leaning on the wall or wedging it between random items in your apartment, a vertical bike rack will properly store your bike safely in a protective manner without the dangers of the bike falling over.


being able to quickly and easily access your parked bike is a priority for any bike owner. An apartment bike stand provide the easy option of carefully storing and dismounting your bike whenever required. You can now have your bicycle stored in the comfort of your own home (or office) and take it out conveniently whenever needed. 


Properly secuing and locking in your bike at home will prevent theft from public or outdoor bike storage racks. 

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